COVID-19 Procedures

-UPDATE 3/30/21-

As COVID-19 is still very real in our community, we want to continue to encourage you to practice social distancing by maintaining 6 feet in between yourself and others who are not members of your household and by wearing a facial covering when entering and leaving our premises. These policies will continue to be in place as we gather as a church body inside of our sanctuary, so we are very thankful for your loving efforts.

The doors to Wilmer Baptist Church will open at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. A mask or facial covering is required when entering and leaving the building as well as when not seated. Once seated, facial coverings can be removed and can remain off during the service. We will continue to encourage social distancing guidelines (maintaining a distance of 6 ft. between attendees) but will no longer have limited seating. We have these guidelines in place to help protect all of our members from the virus. 

- Wilmer Baptist Church Leadership


-UPDATE 7/22/20-

Dear Church Family,

I hope everyone is safe and well as we continue through these hot summer months. I wanted to reach out to our families and make you aware of a change in our schedule beginning this week. We are going to return to “Online Worship” where we live stream our worship service at 10:30 each Sunday morning. With the continued increase in Covid-19 infections nationwide and the extremely hot temperatures outside on Sunday evenings, we have decided to worship as a church online for the next few weeks. We will continue to evaluate the situation and adjust our schedule when it becomes safe to gather at church for worship.

I want to remind you of the many opportunities available to our families each week online. The following is a list of Bible Studies, devotions and worship experiences made available each week.

  • Sunday School Lesson- Bro.Terry, Study of Philippians online, Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m.
  • Sunday School Lesson- Billy Duren, online Zoom, Sunday mornings at 9 a.m.
  • Ladies Sunday School notes- Darlene Phillips texted weekly
  • Praise and Worship- “Live Stream” online, Sunday mornings 10:30 a.m.
  • “One Family”- round table discussion, online Sunday evenings 6:00 p.m.
  • “Family Focus”- Cheri Andrews, online Wednesday nights 6:00 p.m.
  • 14 Days in Philippians- online or Facebook, devotional 5th-12th grade online daily
  • Bible readings and daily blog in Ecclesiastes- Bro. Terry, online daily

I want to encourage everyone to reach out to your church family through a phone call, text message, note or email. Pray for God to put someone on your heart to check on and try to contact several of our people this week. You can be a blessing to them, and you will be blessed. This is a difficult and challenging season we must get through, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these times together. I love you and am praying for you and your family.

-Bro. Terry


 -UPDATE 7.1.20-

Due to the increased threat of the coronavirus, our staff has made the very tough decision to postpone indoor services for the time being. This is not a decision we made easily, but it was made with unity and peace as our staff prayed over what is best for our congregation. You can find Bro. Terry's address to the congregation here.

We will continue our outdoor services. Those are as follows: 

Tuesday: Young Adult (formally college and career) at 7:00 PM -Wednesday: Church-wide prayer at 7:00  PM                                   Thursday:  Student Gathering at 7:00 PM                                          Sunday: Outdoor Church at 6:30 PM

We will not be allowing any indoor services or activities for the foreseeable future. Please contact the church office or email  with any questions!


-UPDATE 6.29.20-

We have decided to update our masks policy for the July 5 service to match the rising numbers of the virus in our county and State. All attendees will be required to wear a mask and have their temperature checked upon arrival. 

We understand this may not be ideal for everyone and have decided to offer another option for those who would prefer not to wear a mask by offering a 6:30 PM outdoor service. You do not have to sign up if you are planning to attend the outdoor service. 

Also, as always every service will be live streamed on our Youtube for those who would prefer to stay home. We would like to reiterate the importance of staying home if you are at risk or have underlying health issues. 

Please call the church office with any questions.


-UPDATE 6.23.20-

Service Plan July 5, 2020 

Thank you for signing up to attend our first service back since the COVID outbreak. We are so glad you are planning to come. In order to prepare you and your family for the service, we wanted to outline exactly what safety measures we are taking to ensure the health and safety of our congregation and visitors. 


-All attendees are strongly encouraged to register for the service before JULY 2, 2020 at 5:00 PM. Registrations will close promptly on July 2. Those who register will be checked in at the entrances and then escorted to their reserved seating. 

-If you have not registered by then, you will be allowed to attend, however, all non-reservations will be asked to wait outside until 10 min before the service, where you will then be escorted to overflow seating. 


-Please arrive NO EARLIER than 15 min. prior to the service start time at 10:30 AM.  

-We will limit the entrances to the front and side doors in the FRONT of the church. Each entrance will be labeled by last name and you should enter at the door marked with your last initial.  

  • A-E will enter through the side door under the breezeway facing the gym. 
  • F-L will enter through the (left doors) front entrance facing Moffett Rd.  
  • M-S will enter through the (right doors) front entrance facing Moffett Rd in the right doors. 
  • T-Z will enter through the side doors facing the ballfield. 

-Upon arriving you will be greeted by a church staff member or volunteer who will escort you to your seat. 



-At-risk individuals are encouraged to stay home and watch the service on Youtube. 

-We are strongly encouraging all attendees to wear masks for the safety of everyone in attendance. You are not required to wear a mask, but others would be better protected if you would. 

-If you do not have a mask, we will have them available for you. 

-Our staff and volunteers will be required to wear masks and will be temperature checked prior to the service. 

-Hand sanitizer will be widely available throughout the church building.  

-Bathrooms will be available for use. We will have bathroom attendants in the restrooms cleaning between uses to ensure the top level of protection. 

-All doors will be opened as people are entering to limit exposure to shared surfaces. 

-All paper and pens will be removed ahead of the service. No bulletins will be passed out. 

-To limit exposure time, the service will be limited to an hour. 

-At the conclusion of the service, we will dismiss row by row and wait until each row is out before releasing the next row to limit contact.  

-Seats will be spaced 6-feet apart. 

 Thank you for working with us as we take every precaution necessary to protect our people. We look forward to joining together again. These guidelines will be in place for all in-person services until further notice. 

Morgan Grissett 


-UPDATE 6.03.20-

The Bible is a book about relationships. We have a lot of wisdom in God’s Word that teaches us how to relate to God and each other. Proverbs 18 talks a lot about relationships. In verse 1 we are encouraged not to isolate ourselves from others. The Bible warns us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. We need each other and fellowship among our brothers and sisters is beautiful and pleases God.  We are warned to guard our tongue because the tongue can easily offend and and cause division among us. Proverbs 18:21 says “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” The tongue can build up or destroy. Only God can control our tongue. May we experience great fellowship between ourselves and  God and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Sunday School and small groups will continue to meet via Zoom meetings. To get connected to a class or group contact the church office or your teacher.


 -UPDATE 5.27.20-

For the safety and health of all of our congregation, and in consideration of the rising number of infections in Mobile County. Our church staff has prayerfully decided to move our indoor "Returning Home" June 7th service from 10:30 AM to the night of June 7th OUTDOORS at 6:30 PM. This will still be a worship service, with worship and teaching- we're just moving it outdoors! A live simulcast will also be available for those who choose to watch it online. At this service, you are welcome to get out of your car, bring chairs, and blankets, etc. so long as you stay within the group you arrived with. We will continue to reevaluate the situation and update you as necessary.
We miss everyone dearly and look forward to meeting again. Thank you for understanding!

- - - - - - - - - - -  -  - - - - - - - --

We are living in some very trying times that have made it difficult for our church body. We all miss each other and look forward to the time when we can gather together in our Worship Center. The threat of infection from the Coronavirus continues to be an issue in our area.
We want to keep our people as safe as possible and are making plans to come together with certain restrictions in place. We appreciate your patience and your support during this time of social distancing.

We will continue to have our drive-up worship service and live streaming at 9:00 A.M Sunday, May 24. On Sunday morning May 31-'t we are asking everyone to worship with us from home at 10:00. I will be sharing a very special prophetic message entitled "Days of Deception" that God has laid on my heart. That evening, Sunday May 3l-'t'we will gather at church on the ballfield, at 6:00 for an "Evening of

Praise". You will be allowed to sit in lawn chairs with your family in designated areas. We will maintain our 6 feet safety area for social distancing at this event. Please bring the family and gather with us.

Sunday morning June 7th is the day we have all looked forward to with great anticipation ! We will be coming back into the worship center for our "Returning Home" worship service at 10:30 A.M. We will need you to make reservations by calling the church, going to the website or signing up on the planning center. We have to set the church up to maintain social distancing guidelines. There will be no child care or nursery, but we encourage you to bring your children and join for this awesome time of family worship.

We are going to re-open the church slowly and continue to monitor the Covid -19 situation. We will not resume Wednesday night service or Sunday School until further notice. Hopefully, before long, we can begin to gather again for Sunday School and Wednesday night service.

Praise the Lord for His divine protection and looking forward to our, RETURNING HOME"!

Bro Terry