Sunday School Directory/Location

Sunday School directory/location

Downstairs Children's Bldg (Bldg D):
Preschool/ Nursery
Upstairs Children's Bldg (Bldg D):
1st-4th grades (South Hallway)
5th-6th grades (North Hallway)
Old Sanctuary (Bldg B):
Adults- Bro. Terry
Adults- Bill and Cindy Morse
Adults- Rocky and Michelle McGarity
Upstairs Gym (Bldg C):
7th-8th grades
Young Adults (18-25)
9th-10th Grade Girls
11th-12th Grade Girls
9th-10th Grade Boys
11th-12th Grade Boys
Adults- Billy and Tracey Duren

Sanctuary Back Hallway (Bldg E):
Women- Darlene Phillips
The Sequel (Widows)- Annette Grissett
Adults- Mike Moore
Men- Jerry Lowery
Men- Bob Busby and Tony Smith
Choir Room (Upstairs Bldg E):
Women- Kim Martin