Team Member Application

Team Member Application
Goals and Requirements

We count it a privilege and an honor to serve others and Jesus through this team effort! It is our prayer that God will speak to your heart in a way that you feel compelled now and in the future to serve the needs of “the least of His children” whether at home or abroad. As followers of Christ, we promote certain standards of conduct, and all of us are expected to adhere to certain guidelines while on this mission.

We respectfully require:

• that you refrain from using any tobacco products

• that you refrain from drinking any alcoholic beverages

• that your conduct at all times, whether with your teammates or the people we serve, reflects the beliefs of followers of Christ.

We will be guests of full time missionaries and possibly of a host nation. It is imperative that we follow their rules and remain FLEXIBLE and POSITIVE in accomplishing the mission that God has given us and our missionary hosts. While on this mission project, we are ambassadors of Jesus Christ and all He represents. You need to be aware that all eyes are on the team –the whole community knows we are in town—and we need to set a good example. We profess to be a Christian group before the authorities and those whom we serve. We ask that you exhibit Christ-like attitudes at all times and follow team leadership guidelines. Please be mindful of the fact that one of the ways we evangelize is through our example. Whatever else may be accomplished, our main mission is to glorify Jesus Christ! We are excited by what God has prepared for us during this fantastic opportunity and the huge blessing the experience will bring not only to those whom we serve but to our lives as well. 

First, Middle, Last


Marital Status

Relationship to Wilmer Baptist

Church name

Passport Information

EXACTLY as it appears on your passport

Response Questions

Describe your current devotional practices (Bible study and prayer) that help you grow in your relationship with Christ

Briefly describe the time you accepted Christ

Describe your current devotional practices (Bible study and prayer) to grow in your relationship with Christ.

Tell about your work or social experiences, skills, church ministry involvement and foreign languages that may be helpful.

How is the Lord leading you to be a part of this mission team?

Submitting Application

By submitting this application, you are indicating that you understand and agree with the following statements:

  • Wilmer Baptist  will not be responsible for unforeseen extra trip expenses (i.e., airline or hotel fare changes). Should these occur, they will be passed along to the participant.
  •  I will agree to return home at my own expense if my behavior is deemed inappropriate and therefore jeopardizing the ministry.
  • I understand that my involvement on this trip can be denied prior to travel in the event that I do not participate in the full preparation of the trip (i.e., Team Member Training) and as a result could compromise the effectiveness of the trip.
  •  I am willing to work under the direction of the Wilmer Baptist Disciple Making Team Leader and Field Partners and to accept and perform any and all assignments with a God-honoring attitude.
  • Any payments received from me or on my behalf in excess of the cost of the trip will be used for other team expenses.
  •  I will pray for my fellow missionaries!
  •  I will be a positive influence.